How to Write a Narrative Essay

How to Write a Narrative Essay

This type of essays offers a student a mode of expressing themselves and can even go ahead and write about themselves. We all have personal experiences that we sometime need to share with the readers. Some of these experiences lead to potentially great narrative essays that capture the mind of the readers in terms of narration, analysis and interpretation. However, one fundamental aspect of narrative essays is that they require a lot of time during the pre-writing stage. When writing a narrative essay, you are hypothetically telling a story.

There are different approaches of telling a story raging from first persona narration to third person narration. However, the best way of telling a story is through first person narration which basically means that narrative essays are told from the author’s views. This gives the essay a personalized touch which is ultimately reflected in the way the reader is involved in the sequence and unfolding of the story. The verbs of a narrative essay should be vivid and precise. Vivid description is grammatically one of the best ways of narrating a personal experience in an essay. A narrative essay has a thesis statement which is often described in the opening sentence of the first paragraph but can alternatively be found in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Read more on what is a thesis statement.

The purpose of a narrative essay is to describe something, in most cases an experience or an event that happened in one’s life. Many students write narrative essays under the assumption that such essays are simply college essays. While in most cases such essays are not difficult to write, narrative essays lack what is known as ‘higher order thinking’ that most essays require. This explains why most narrative essays do not fetch good grades in most college courses. However if understood well by students, narrative essays have the potential to yield good grades provided that the author is capable of writing the essay and ensure that the narrative essays is within the set parameter of narrative essay writing.

Conventions of Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are best written in first person using ‘i’. However, the use of third person is also conventionally accepted. This gives a narrative the authors touch as it is supposed to ‘narrate’. It is easier to narrate something that happened to you as opposed to narrating something that happened to another person.

Narrative essays rely on concrete details regarding something that happened to convey the story. Such details should create a dominant impression that the writer is well aware of what he is writing about and not just writing imaginary events. This explains why most narrative essay topics are based on real life experiences. Before commencing writing a narrative essay, the writer should come up with a plot, characters and events that will take place in the essay. This way, the writer is able to write these events consecutively as they happened without veering off to unrelated information. The narrative should end with a climax and ending that leaves the reader wanting to know more. This is called the aspect of suspense.